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    Posture and the Pelvic Floor: a workshop for...

    In this workshop you will practise Alexander style alignment of the head, neck and back plus a range of subtle movements and specific visualisations...

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    Gong Bath

    Feeling stressed, anxious, tense or just in need of pampering? Come and experience a gong bath and allow the sound to gently bathe your body to a...

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    Reiki Level 2 Course

    This two-day training course builds on the ability you have gained at Reiki Level 1. The Level 2 course will enhance your experience of Reiki further,...

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    Bates Approach to Better Eyesight

    Over 100 years ago, Dr. Bates devised an approach which used simple eye exercises to help improve eyesight and ease visual problems. This popular...

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    Health & Beauty

    Where's the best place to go to be pampered? Where do you get your nails done? What about the guys, where can they get a little TLC for those tootsies? Like that new hairstyle - recommend your hairdresser.

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    Summer activities for the KIDS

    Do you know of an event, group or activity that will keep the kids entertained during the Summer Holidays. Tell us where it is, for how long and how much it will cost us to bring the children along.

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    Sport & Leisure Facilities

    Know of a good sports club that you would recommend. Make sure our readers know of any up and coming Sports Events in Hitchin and the surrounding areas. Tell us what you think of the sports and leisure facilitiies in Hitchin.

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    Get all of the latest Hitchin Events news and join the discussion on the Hitchin

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    Get the latest sports news, community information and general goings on in Hitchin

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David Birkett


Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living


Marketing and PR Manager


Since 1984 the Letchworth Centre has worked with passion and determination to widen the scope of health care in this country. Its remit has extended well beyond the provision of complementary medical treatment and related classes, and for many years has included a broad range of self-help approaches for reducing stress, increasing vitality and wellbeing, improving health and preventing illness as well as an innovative programme of courses for health professionals.


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